A1 German Course Mannheim

Would you like to learn German? Then it’s the perfect time to attend our A1 German course in Mannheim. Goal-oriented learning in a small group of 5-7 course participants – begin your language journey with our CanSpeak intensive A1 German course in Mannheim. Contact us today to book your free trial class!

A1 German Course – 2024 Dates & Prices

Dates 2024

29.01. / 26.02. / 18.03. / 22.04. / 27.05. / 24.06. / 22.07. / 26.08. / 23.09. / 21.10. / 18.11. / 16.12.


8 weeks (A1.1.- 4 weeks A1.2.- 4 weeks)


MO-THU 8.30-12.00 – 4 weeks / module

MO-THU 14.00-17.00 – 4 weeks / module

MO-THU 18.00-20.30 – 4 weeks / module

Groups 6-12 students

Morning course: € 430 / 4 weeks

Afternoon course: € 410 / 4 weeks

Evening course: € 390 / 4 weeks

(Textbooks, model tests, online exercises and additional learning materials included)

If you would like to register for the course, please click
here, fill out the registration form and send it back to us.


Explore our classes with a free trial class

Wondering if our A1 German course is right for you? We’re happy to offer a free trial class – reserve your spot today by contacting us by phone/WhatsApp 015123295747 or at our email info@canspeak.de!

Introducing beginners to the German language – A1 course in Mannheim

The CanSpeak A1 German course in Mannheim introduces you to the basics of the German language. The course is aimed at beginners with no previous knowledge of German. We focus on topics such as greetings, introductions, eating and drinking, shopping, family relationships, friends and leisure activities. The lessons will teach you how to hold simple conversations, ask for information and respond to questions appropriately.

In our A1 German course, you’ll deepen your basic knowledge of grammar, including: 

  • the conjugation of verbs in the present and perfect tenses
  • separable and inseparable verbs
  • genus
  • case
  • negations “nicht”, “kein”, and “nein”.

Eine Frau studiert und macht sich Notizen in einem Notizbuch

Ideal learning environment & helpful materials – book your A1 German course in Mannheim with CanSpeak!

Each one of our CanSpeak A1 German courses in Mannheim consists of 2 modules, each lasting 4 weeks. You can choose between a morning, afternoon or evening course. Lessons take place in small groups (5-7 people), supporting an ideal learning experience for each course participant. Included in the course fee are:

  • Textbook
  • Online exercises
  • Supplementary materials

In our A1 German course, you have the opportunity to consult your teacher individually and work together to find the best solutions for your desired learning progress. In addition to the course books, films and other media are used to help you deepen your language skills.

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